SDGs 3: Good Health and Well-Being

SDGs 3: Good Health and Well-Being

Tujuan nomor tiga dari 17 tujuan SDGs adalah menjamin kehidupan yang sehat dan mendorong kesejahteraan bagi semua orang di segala usia. Fokus dari tujuan ini mencakup berbagai hal mulai dari menjamin gizi masyarakat, sistem kesehatan nasional, akses kesehatan dan reproduksi, keluarga berencana (KB), serta sanitasi dan air bersih.

Goal number three of the 17 SDGs is to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all people at all ages. The focus of this goal covers various things ranging from ensuring community nutrition, the national health system, access to health and reproduction, family planning (KB), as well as sanitation and clean water.

1. Deliver outreach programmes and projects in the local community (which can include student volunteering programmes) to improve or promote health and well-being including hygiene, nutrition, family planning, sports, exercise, aging well, and other health and well-being related topics.

2. Share sports facilities with the local community, for instance with local schools or with the general public.

3. Provide students access to sexual and reproductive health-care services including information and education services.

  • Kastratopi by BEM FF UI 2022: Watching a movie together with the Pharmacy Students at the University of Indonesia (IKM FF UI) and the Association of University of Indonesia Students (IKM UI), followed by a discussion session with speakers addressing sexual violence. Click here

4. Provide students and staff with access to mental health support.

  • Mental Health Webinar 2022 by BEM FF UI 2022 “Keep You on Balance: at Your Pace, in Your Own Timeline”: Raising awareness among students about the importance of mental health and serving as an educational platform to aid students in adapting to a dynamic and fast-paced world. Click here

5. Have a ‘smoke-free’ policy.